Thursday, December 30, 2010

Horrur Run is out!

After going through the usual speed bumps things are finally ready. It took another two weeks, but Horror Run is finished and is available in the market! 
The best news is that the game is 100% free! 
It is ad-supported so don't be shy, click on an add once in a while to show your support.

There is plenty of info and screenshots in the Horror Run page, check it out, give some positive feedback, and don't forget to recommend us and rate us high in the Android Market after you download the game!

Thank you,
The RedHead team

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RedHead Gaming is out in the open!

Hello everyone!

After a lot of hard (well... lets say medium) work we're finally ready to go live!
So lets start with a basic introduction: RedHead Gaming is a small company that specializes in cool games and apps for the Android™ mobile technology platform. Right now we have several projects in the pipeline. One of them is about to hit the market in the following days, and is the reason we're gathered here today.
Give a warm welcome to our first public product: Horror Run!
Hopefully this game will give us great success and fame, so we'll be able to release more and more fun games for the community *cough* and make some cash *cough.
If you have any comments and questions feel free to post them here, and we'll do our best to reply in a reasonable manner.
Wish us luck! 

Thank you,
The RedHead team