Horror Run!

The first and latest creation from RedHead Gaming, Horror Run, is  an action-packed little game that is all about getting as far as you can. It will make you jump, roll and dive furiously to save yourself from the terrifying  creatures of the underworld!
You assume the role of a lovely young damsel in distress. Your goal is to survive as long as possible (Yeah, our damsel will eventually perish...) and collect bonuses along the way to earn the highest possible score.

Great action, cool sound effects and stunning hand drawn graphics provide an addictive game play experience. Finally something worth doing in those unused bathroom moments!
Horror Run features three difficulty levels to suit everyone, whether you're a pro-gamer going for the world record or the casual type looking for some harmless fun.
Latest version includes support for the renowned OpenFeint gaming platform  - Now you can share your highscore to the global leaderboards and see how good you really are!
The game is 100% free in the Android Market, with ad support. 
You can find the download link at the bottom of the page - And don't forget to comment and rate the game in the market!

Version 2.0 changelog
* Huge performance boost
* New HD graphics
* Google gaming services - Achievements and Leader boards
* Latest gen devices compatibility

Version 1.2.1 changelog
* Bug fixes
* Improved memory and performance issues
* Better compatibility with newer Android versions.

Version 1.2.0 changelog
* OpenFeint Global leaderboards integration.

 Version 1.1 changelog:
* New easier difficulty level
* Lives - 3 chances to get a highscore before game over.
* Improved menu and tutorial
* Memory and graphics optimization and bug fixes.
* Mute now affects menu sound as well.

Some screen shots:

Click or scan to get the game:


  1. Embarrassing,
    Talk to me when you reach 1350.

    I'm pretty sure I'm the record holder.
    Someone disagrees?

  2. Rumor has it that Amit managed 19,930...

  3. I got a galaxy (rocks!) just for this game man!

  4. Money talks and galaxy rocks.

  5. Really like the game, really addictive to break your own score, currently at 5030.

    Works very well and stable, doesn't lag at all!
    really like the sounds in the game.

    Maybe an online scoreboard would be a nice feature?

    I'm also wondering in what language this is programmed, just in Java with like a game development SDK?

    Keep the games coming!!

  6. on my gingerbread rom (oxygen RC5) Force Close every time :(

  7. Apparently there's an issue with that specific ROM.
    Please realize you are using a pre-beta ROM ;)
    On the same device with standard ROM the game works flawlessly. Regardless we will look into it and try to solve the problem.

  8. 6480! within the first 10 minutes of playing ;)

  9. Company record so far is 26,270 on the 1.1 version ;)

  10. Hello, I'd like to create a translation for your game. If you are interested, please contact me. Remember, if you have more languages you have more people playing your game. Please contact me... it's a portuguese translation.