Thursday, January 6, 2011

Horror Run achieves over 5000 downloads in under a week!

HoIt's been a week since release and we're happy to announce we passed the 5000 downloads mark this morning. 
This is quite satisfying for version 1.0 of our first release ever - The market has been quite good to us and the ratings are great too. 
We're working at full steam to release an update in the upcoming days - Nothing too fancy but an update nonetheless. Main issue will be better stability and lower memory consumption - But a new feature or two will make their way into the update as well.

Thank you all for the vote of confidence, both in download numbers and in the positive ratings.
And a special thanks for XDA-Developers for featuring our game in their homepage.

As soon as the update is ready we will release it to the market and announce it here as well.

Thank you,
The RedHead team.

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